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Miley Cyrus admits she was done playing Hannah Montana ‘the minute she had sex’

The singer played the Disney pop princess until she was 18-years-old


Miley Cyrus has admitted that she was done playing Hannah Montana “the minute” she had sex.

The singer rose to fame on the Disney Channel, and played Hannah Montana from 2006 until 2011.

Miley was 13 when she started filming the popular series, but didn’t finish the show until she was 18-years-old.

During a new interview with Elle magazine, Miley was asked if she ever “wanted to break out of the Hannah Montana mold” while she was doing the show.

The 26-year-old replied: “I did once I was 18 because it felt ridiculous. The minute I had sex, I was kind of like, I can’t put the fucking wig on again.”

“It got weird. It just felt like… I was grown up.

When the interviewer noted that she would have been wearing “the same outfit” she had been wearing since she was a kid, Miley said: “One time I went backstage at Disneyland, and Peter Pan was smoking a cigarette. And I was like, ‘That’s me. That’s the kind of dreams I’m crushing.'”

“That’s how everyone felt with the bong video, but I’m not a Disney mascot. I’m a person,” she added.

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