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Michael Jackson accusers likely to get a brand new trial

A new law means they could have their stories heard by a jury


Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse in an explosive documentary are likely to get a brand new trial.

Leaving Neverland, which premiered at Sundance film festival earlier this year detailed allegations the men made against the legendary musician.

The film alleged that the popstar befriended the boys and began abusing them in 1988 (Safechuck) and 1990 (Robson).


The men, now 36 and 40, had their original claims dismissed in 2017 due to the statute of limitations.

According to TMZ, the California Court of Appeal issued a Tentative Ruling which would overturn the case dismissals.

The ruling comes as a new California law has extended the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases.


After the documentary aired, the Jackson family branded the film a “public lynching”, and the accusers as “admitted liars.”

It’s not the first time claims have been brought against him. In 1993 he was accused of molesting Jordan Chandler but settled out of court for $15 million.

No criminal charges were brought against him due to a lack of evidence.

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3 years later in 1996 he made another out-of-court settlement for over $2 million with the family of Jason Francia who also accused him of molestation.

In 2005 Michael Jackson was found not guilty on 14 counts of child molestation during a criminal trial.