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Mel B feared Geri Halliwell had been KIDNAPPED when she quit the Spice Girls in 1998

Geri suddenly disappeared - sparking serious worry


Mel B has revealed that she thought Geri Halliwell had been kidnapped when she suddenly quit the Spice Girls back in 1998.

During an appearance on Loose Women, the 43-year-old recalled the time her bandmates suddenly disappeared – and it all happened to go down on Mel’s birthday.

She said: “We searched for her in the hotel and we couldn’t find her. She’d got herself on the flight and headed back to England.”

“She was in the crisis of a horrendous eating disorder and she just felt no way out apart from to remove herself. Even that in itself made me feel so… of course I was a little bit angry because we had to re-do the whole show.”

“She was nowhere to be found. [I thought she’d been] kidnapped or something. We were all kind of a bit frantic.

“Then we found out she’d got on a flight and was heading back to England. Then we went into overdrive mode to re-do the show. I was trying to call her the entire time.”

Mel explained: “It was my birthday and I thought of all days she’s leaving on my birthday. What bothered me, not the fact that she left, of course that bothered, the fact she didn’t come to me.”

“I consider her as my best friend. Well, all of them, we’ve got really solid friendships. That bothered me more than anything, she didn’t feel like she could talk to me and just tell me what’s going on. She was just gone.”


“I wouldn’t have done that, but then everybody copes with pressure and different situations differently. So I do understand it but it makes me go, ‘Oh’, a little bit.”

Mel continued: “I did [mention it recently]. We’ve had those conversations over the years. She does put it down to the fact she couldn’t see a way out of it and she didn’t want to be up on stage and pretending to be so happy and everything together. I do understand it on a certain level.”

She added: “In a weird way it made us closer, we got to understand each other more.”