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Madonna shares heartbreak as she loses three people to COVID-19 in 24 hours

The singer has been posting quarantine diaries online


Madonna has revealed that she is heartbroken, after losing her cousin and two friends to COVID-19.

The pop star shared the tragic news on social media, telling fans that all three passed away within the space of 24 hours.

The 61-year-old has been regularly uploading poetic “Quarantine Diaries” to her Instagram account.

During her 9th Quarantine Diary, she sits at a typewriter and reads aloud: “Quarantine diary, number nine. We can’t always have a good day.”


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She then shared that she has been suffering from insomnia.

“I didn’t sleep last night, not one minute and today I am dysfunctional – have been dysfunctional.”

She added that she feels the need to “get out of” her body.

She continued: “The burning spear makes its way into the core of me and slithers down my leg, and I can concentrate on nothing except the idea of escape, and I wonder what form that will take.”

Instagram – Madonna

Madonna went on to reveal the upsetting news of losing three people in the past 24 hours.

After declaring that “today wasn’t a good day”, the icon changed the topic of conversation to her son, explaining that he’d been mocking her injury.

She said: “If my son says I have a broken hip one more time I might implode.”

It is unclear which son she is referring to – Rocco Ritchie, 19, or David Banda, 14.

Instagram – Madonna

Madonna continued: “If someone says you’re broken so many times a day, you do start to feel that way.”

A black and white effect then takes over the clip, while Madonna displays a sculpture of a figure crumpled up on top of a ball.


She said: “This is me right now, okay. This is how I feel every day.”

“This is how I sleep every night, this is how I take a bath, this is how I exercise,” she explained, “This is how I live right now, in case you were interested.”

Madonna ended the unusual video by saying: “Right now I’m just fuzzy headed and intolerant” before telling fans she was going to watch TV in the hopes of it improving her mood.

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