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Macaulay Culkin slams actors accused of sexual abuse in Oscar tweetstorm

James Franco, Casey Affleck and more were slammed by the Home Alone actor.


Macaulay Culkin announced via his Twitter account on Sunday that he would be Live-Tweeting the Oscars.

The former Home Alone star tweeted for more than eight hours beginning with,

“I will be live tweeting the Oscars tonight, but I won’t be watching them. WHA!?! That’s crazy!”

Macaulay made it clear earlier on in the night that it was the fourth year in a row that he hadn’t been invited to the Oscars with the actor tweeting that he was “not dead yet”.

Going straight in against some of the well known actors who have been accused of sexually abusing men and women, Macaulay shared an image of Kevin Spacey with the caption

Macaulay then went on to talk about Jimmy kimmel hosting the awards and made comments on Casey Affleck and James Franco.

Jimmy Kimmel was included in the string of tweets.

Macaulay dressed in a tux for the occasion and made noodles at home.

James Franco is one of the actors who has most recently been accused of sexual harassment.

The tweets come after months of men and women coming out against actors that have been accused of sexual abuse.

The Home Alone star was reported by Hard Copy to have been named in a documens relating to child abuse by Michael Jackson.

The #Times up movement has seen celebrities over the last few months wearing white roses to the Grammy’s and all black to the Golden globes.