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Lena Dunham opens up about her love for ‘rageful’ Maura Higgins

Lena Dunham has opened up about her adoration for Irish model Maura Higgins.

In an article for The Guardian, the Girls star detailed her thoughts on this season of Love Island.

“Maura. What can I say about Maura. She’s fun. She’s feisty,” she wrote.


“She is so Irish that the word “mouth” becomes a clipped battle cry: “Mout! He kissed me right on da mout!

However, Lena expressed that as much as she loves Maura, she is an imperfect character.

“But as fun as Maura is when she’s fun, she can also be  duplicitous and rageful.”

“She went from telling Amy, “He tusn’t love ya! He tusn’t!” to noticing Curtis’ “manliness” with the cheeky grin of a child who has peeked under the Christmas wrapping,” she wrote.

“We’ve all had that friend, the one who is so all-encompassing when their lovelight is on you that you can’t help but feel you’ve been divinely selected.”

Lena previously shared her support for the Irish model, tweeting that she was “team Maura.”

Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two on Sunday night at 9pm.

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