Lauryn Hill releases apology after she showed up TWO HOURS late for gig

The singer met some 'challenges' before the show


Lauryn Hill has apologised to ‘Brussels and Paris’, after she showed up two hours late for her concert.

The singer took to Twitter to apologise for the delay, and explained how the time difference and moving the production to Europe has been difficult.

She wrote: “Dear, Brussels and Paris, We apologize for the late start. We’re working through the kinks of moving production to Europe, with time changes and curfew restrictions, we’ve had a few challenges in these early shows.”

The 43-year-old singer also showed her appreciation by thanking fans for their support and patience.

“Thank you for coming, supporting and for your patience and understanding. We’re excited about this entire European run, and looking forward to the show tomorrow!”

However, fans took to social media to slam the singer and claimed that Lauryn performed for just forty minutes after showing up two hours late.