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Lady Gaga reveals her character’s insecurities in A Star Is Born were actually her own

The singer related to her on-screen character a lot


Lady Gaga has already received rave reviews for her performance in A Star Is Born, and the film hasn’t even hit cinemas yet.

In her first film role, the songstress plays Ally, an aspiring singer who falls for a hard-drinking singer Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper – who also directed the movie.

In the film, Gaga’s character struggles with her looks, which is something she experienced in her early career.

Speaking to Sky News, she confessed: “I was told when I was first starting out that I should get a nose job. But I didn’t because I wanted to be who I was.”

In another interview with the Daily Mirror, she revealed that the experience happened before she had released her first hit single, Just Dance.

Gaga explained: “I said ‘No’. I love my Italian nose.”

“If people wanted me to look like a sexpot I would look like the opposite,” she said. “If they said ‘Try dancing and looking this way’ I would always flip it on its head and do it my way.”

The singer related a lot to her character because the film’s director, Bradley Cooper, incorporated elements of her own life into the film after they spoke about her experiences.

Bradley also enforced a makeup ban on-set, which made Gaga’s performance more authentic.

“It put me in the right place I needed to be,” she explained. “When my character talks about how ugly she feels, that was real. I’m so insecure.”