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Kylie Skin under fire AGAIN over questionable ingredients

Her new venture has faced a barrage of criticism.


Kylie Jenner’s new venture Kylie Skin is under fire after fans of the brand have called it’s vegan status into question.

Posting to Twitter, one Jeffree Star follower tagged the beauty guru following his review of Kylie’s skincare line, saying:

“@JeffreeStar in your recent video with shane dawson you said that kylie’s products are vegan and crueletly free. kylie said that too but it’s not true… take a look.”


They then added screenshots of research into the product ingredients, specifically Hydroxyacetophenone.

The user included information which read that 3-Hydroxyacetophenone comes from beavers, hence could not be considered vegan.

However, Kylie’s ingredients include Hydroxyacetophenone, a different compound than the one mentioned, which actually comes from berries and has antioxidant properties.

Another ingredient called into question was squalane, which is generally derived from the sebum from livers of sharks.

However, it can also be derived from plants.

“Everything is cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, paraben and sulfate free and suitable for all skin types,” reads the FAQ section of the Kylie Skin website.

This is not the first time her new line has come under fires.

The makeup mogul previously faced criticism for the ingredients in her walnut scrub, and for her choice to bring out face wipe packages.