Home LA Showbiz Kylie Jenner shows off ‘push present’ worth an estimated $1.4 MILLION

Kylie Jenner shows off ‘push present’ worth an estimated $1.4 MILLION

It's the not the first Ferrari the 20-year-old has been given as a present.


IKylie Jenner has shown off an extremely expensive “push present” on her Instagram.

The 20-year-old showed off the what appears to be a brand new LaFerrari with an estimated value of $1.4M.

The reality TV star flaunted the car on her Insta stor by walking around it and casually saying “push present”.

The car is a limited edition super car of which only 500 were ever made.

The two seater car won’t be able to accommodate a seat for Stormi when her a Travis are  in it but we don’t think they’ll struggle to afford a baby sitter.

The couple took it for a spin to Malibu where they enjoyed their first date since the arrival of their first baby three weeks ago.

Travis drove as they went for dinner in Nobu, both dressing casually for the occasion.

It’s not clear yet who gifted the makeup mogul the pricey car but the most obvious answer would be her beau, Travis.

This isn’t the first Ferrari Kylie has been given as a present (how many 20 year olds can we say that about?)!

Her ex, Tyga, gave her one for her 18th birthday. This one is hardly from him too is it?

… and then got her a Maybach for her 19th birthday because, you know, money.

Travis Scott is estimated to be worth approximately $8million so it’d be a big stack of his cash splashed if he got it for her…

Is Tyga trying to win her back with wheels or did Kylie indulge in a huge ‘treat yo’self’ splurge?