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Kylie Jenner reveals the ‘sad’ reason why she started hiding her ‘true personality’ on social media

The reality star used to share more of her personality online


Kylie Jenner has revealed the “sad” reason why she started hiding her “true personality” on social media.

During a new YouTube video with beauty guru James Charles, the 23-year-old admitted she’s held back on social media over the past few years to avoid being trolled.

While James did Kylie’s makeup, he gushed about her “fun personality”, and said a lot of people don’t know how cool she really is.

Kylie replied: “I think that I showed my true personality for so long on Vine and Instagram…”

“But as I got bigger and bigger, I just realized… like when people used to say mean things about how I really am, and my personality and what I love the most about myself, it would hurt me more than almost playing a character, like not showing people everything.”

“So yeah, I just started doing a little less, which is sad. It makes me sad,” Kylie admitted.

“Even for you to say like ‘you’re always so funny’, like that’s a bigger compliment to me. But it’s something that is so sacred.”

Kylie then confessed she wants “to do more things” to show her personality on her YouTube channel.