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Kylie Jenner reveals her up-and-coming new product from Kylie Skin

Could the third Kylie Skin collection be on the way?


Kylie Jenner has revealed that she will be releasing a brand new Kylie Skin product in the near future.

The makeup mogul took to her Instagram story to share a sneak peek of a new Kylie SKin item – a moisturising lip mask.

“I feel like teasing today… because my lip masks are everything,” she wrote.


The makeup entrepreneur showcased her upcoming lip mask on the social media app, sharing the millennial pink lid of the balm.

Kylie’s most famous product is her original trio of lip kits, so it’s unsurprising that she is adding another lip product to the line up.

Named the Hydrating Lip Mask, the new product could be scheduled to land in the third drop from the Kylie Skin brand.


Kylie’s original skincare drop included a number of face products, some of which caused controversy due to their ingredients. 

The second drop was body-focused, including a sun screen oil and body lotion.

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