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Kylie and Kendall Jenner film ‘Drunk Get Ready With Me’ video

The KUWTK stars drank Kendall's new tequila brand while doing their makeup


Kylie and Kendall Jenner have filmed a ‘Drunk Get Ready With Me’ video.

The famous sisters combined their two business ventures for the upcoming video – Kendall’s new tequila brand and Kylie’s makeup range.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Kylie shared a sneak-peek of what to expect from the video, including the reality stars’ colourful makeup looks.

The pair were filmed tumbling over themselves on the floor, with Kendall sharing a video of Kylie laughing saying: “I peed my pants.”

Kylie made a trip to McDonald’s after filming, tell her followers: “Honestly guys I haven’t been to McDonald’s in a really long time.”

“The last time I had McDonald’s was like two weeks before I had my daughter so this is really big for me because I love McDonald’s.”

Placing her order at the drive-thru, the beauty mogul said: “Ok so I would really love a spicy chicken McNugget, maybe a ten-piece.”

The news comes ahead of the final ever season of the hit reality show, which is set to debut later this month.

Over the 19 seasons so far, fans have witnessed weddings, divorces, births, cheating scandals and million dollar empires being built.

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