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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard SLAM tabloid that asked for comments regarding their sex life

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have slammed a tabloid that asked for comments regarding their sex life.

The actress’ husband of five years shared an e-mail that Kristen received from a publication that was doing a story about their “kinky” sex life.

The e-mail said: “Star is working on a story in which a source says that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have discussed having a threesome and toyed with other kinky things, like S&M and role playing.”

“Sources say that Kristen believes this is insurance against marital meltdown. If you wish to comment on this story, please reply by 12:00pm EST Thursday, 10/11,” the e-mail stated.

Not only did Dax share the message on Instagram, but he also made a hilarious comment about the story, as he said: “The only offensive thing about this bulls**t story is that @kristenanniebell isn’t doing all this kinkiness out of horniness, but rather a desperate attempt to save her marriage.”

“I think we all know Bell is a lot more gangster than that. I’ll now give you until 4PM to comment, Star,” the 43-year-old said.


The father-of-two wasn’t the only one to comment on the e-mail, as Kristen also shared a screenshot of the message and captioned it: “Id love to comment, but its hard to talk with this ball gag in!”

Many fans and celebrities praised the couple for their hilarious responses and Amy Schumer even commented: “I thought I was special to you guys.”



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