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Kris Jenner under fire from fans

Kris Jenner has been accused of photo shopping her latest Instagram snap.

The 61-year-old caused a stir among followers when she posted a very revealing snap of herself wearing a tight black crop top.

The Momager proudly displayed her toned physique while promoting her health regime.

Followers were quick to point out the suspicious looking blurs in the photo.

Under close inspection of the photo, the wooden bench behind the reality star appears to be slightly warped underneath her right armpit.

The top of Kris’s arm also appears to be blurred in an attempt to alter its shape.

Social media users have accused the entrepreneur of deceiving her fans by photo shopping her photos.

One sceptical follower wrote, “C’mon Kris….. we are not stupid…at least act your age.”

“The more I stare at this photo the more I can see all the edits done!”

“Photo shop for sure,” posted another fan.

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