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Kourtney Kardashian opens up about her decision to step away from Keeping Up With The Kardashians

"It became a toxic environment for me..."


Kourtney Kardashian has opened up about her decision to step away from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The 41-year-old spoke about her decision in the latest issue of Vogue Arabia, which features her on the cover.

Kourtney said: “I have been filming the show non-stop for 13 years, 19 seasons and six spin-off seasons.”

“I was feeling unfulfilled and it became a toxic environment for me to continue to have it occupy as much of my life as it was.”

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In pursuit of a happier life free from anxiety, cover star Kourtney Kardashian reveals how she decided to take a break, leave the show that catapulted her to fame, and focus on her children. “Privacy is something I have come to value and finding that balance of private moments with being on a reality show is hard,” she says exclusively to #VogueArabia in the Inner Force issue. “People have this misconception that I don’t want to work, which isn’t true. I am following my happiness and putting my energy into that which makes me happy”. Tap the link in bio for more on our July/August edition. #InnerForceIssue #VogueArabia @kourtneykardash Cover 2 of 2 في إطار سعيها نحو الاستمتاع بحياة سعيدة وخالية من القلق، تكشف كورتني كارداشيان، نجمة غلاف عددنا الجديد، كيف قررت أخذ قسط من الراحة والرحيل عن المسلسل الذي رسخ لشهرتها، من أجل التركيز على أطفالها. وفي حوارها الحصري مع #ڤوغ_العربية والمنشور على صفحات العدد الذي يحمل عنوان "القوة الداخلية"، تؤكد: "أصبحت أقدّر الخصوصية، ووجدت أن تحقيق التوازن بين أوقاتي الخاصة وبين المشاركة في برنامج للواقع أمرٌ يصعب تنفيذه. ويسود بين الناس اعتقاد خاطئ بأنني لا أريد العمل، وهذا ليس صحيحاً. فأنا أسعى في سبيل سعادتي وأبذل طاقتي فيما يسعدني". تفضلي بالضغط على الرابط في البايو للاطلاع موضوعات عدد يوليو وأغسطس بشيء من التفصيل. Editor-in-Chief: @mrarnaut Photography: @arvedphoto Style: @grahamcruz.studio | Makeup: @miyakemakeup  Hair: @andrewfitzsimons | Digital Art: @suzanne_tak | Words: @alexandravenison

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The mother-of-three discussed how the step back has allowed her to have more family time.

“I usually take one day on the weekend where we have no plans, we hang out at the house in pajamas or sweats,” she said.

“We sleep in. I like to not be on a schedule on that day.”


Manuel Arnaut, the editor-in-Chief of the publication, explained why they selected Kourtney for their latest cover.

“If there’s anything that I learned during the recent Covid-19 lockdown, it is that we need to take good care of ourselves…” he stated. “We need to prioritize our physical and mental wellbeing.”

“Kourtney Kardashian is in a moment of her life when health and family come first, even if this means leaving one of the most disruptive TV shows to ever grace the small screen,” he added.


The mother-of-three quit filming KUWTK last year, after she got into a physical fight with her sister Kim. 

The 41-year-old has since agreed to appear on the show periodically, but she will no longer be filming on a regular basis.

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