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Kim Kardashian reveals whether she plans on having any more kids

The reality star and her husband Kanye West welcomed their fourth child this year


Kim Kardashian has revealed she has no plans to have any more kids, as she opened up about their “wild” household.

The 38-year-old admitted four kids is enough for her to handle during her appearance on The View this week.

Kim said: “A house of four is wild… but complete.”

When co-host Joy Behar asked, “Does that mean no more?” Kim quickly replied, “That means absolutely no more.”

“When you have to be responsible for every single soul, and mornings, I can’t even begin to tell you what getting ready in the morning is like,” she said.

Kim and her husband Kanye West are parents to daughters North, 6, and Chicago, 19-months, and sons Saint, 3 , and Psalm, four months.

The news comes after the reality star previously revealed that Kanye wants to be a father of SEVEN children.

During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians last October, Kim said her rapper hubby was begging her to have more kids – but she felt conflicted due to the state of the world right now.


“He’s been like harassing me, we wants like seven, he’s stuck on seven,” she said. “I could never, especially like in the world we live in.”

During the episode, the mother-of-three attended the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. alongside a host of major celebrities.

“It’s like every day there’s something so traumatizing,” she said. “I have always advocated for better gun laws and gun control.”


Kim brought her five-year-old daughter North to the march, and met with some survivors of the Parkland shooting.

“I one billion percent believe that we need stricter gun laws, we need background checks, you shouldn’t be able to walk into a store and buy a gun,” Kim stressed.

“There are so many adults out there that can learn a thing or two from these kids.”