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Kim Kardashian reveals she ‘braced herself to be shot and killed’ during terrifying Paris robbery

The reality star opened up about the incident during her E! True Hollywood Story


Kim Kardashian has revealed that she braced herself to be shot and killed, when she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris back in 2016.

The reality star opened up about the terrifying incident in a new episode of E! True Hollywood Story, and said the robbery “changed” her whole life.

Kim explained that she was at a Givenchy show with her sister Kourtney during Paris Fashion Week that evening, before she decided to go back to the hotel early.

“Right as I was about to fall asleep, I heard guys running up the stairs,” she recalled. “They wanted my ring and my jewelry, so I didn’t fight back. I just gave them everything and they tied me up.”

The KUWTK explained how the thieves wrapped duct tape over her eyes and mouth, before stealing millions of dollars worth of jewellery – including a $4 million diamond ring her husband Kanye West had given her.

Kim said: “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life, just thinking that, you know, you’re about to die.”

“You’re just kind of bracing yourself for the moment that they’re going to shoot you and kill you. That 10 minutes really changed my whole life.”

After the robbers got away, Kim freed herself from her restraints, and called her sister Kourtney.

During a camera confessional, Kourtney broke down in tears as she recalled the horrifying moment her sister called her screaming crying.

“My legs went out,” Kourtney said. “I fell to the floor. Kim was really, really shaken up. We just did all the work that she had to do with the police and got out of there.”

Kim said: “That moment. It’s truly the scariest experience. You can’t even describe how scary it is.”

“There’s those moments in your life that really change you and shake you to your core, and my robbery was definitely that moment for me. And as crazy as this sounds, I wouldn’t give up that experience for the lessons I learned from it.”

“Material things used to be so important to me. But there is nothing material that is important to me [now],” she added.

Listen to the latest episode of The Gosscast below: