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Kim Kardashian jets across the US with her doctor to help freed prisoner remove his face tattoos

The reality star visited the man and his family with her husband Kanye West


Kim Kardashian jetted across the US with her doctor this week, to help a freed prisoner remove his face tattoos.

After attending the star-studded Met Gala on Monday, the 38-year-old and her husband Kanye West flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, to meet with Paul Algarin – who served seven years in jail.

Paul’s sister Azaria took to Instagram to share photos of their meeting with Kim and Kanye, and revealed how the reality star helped her brother after he wrote to her in prison.

She wrote: “Recently my brother was released from central prison where he served an accumulation of 7 years. Throughout my brothers time in prison he shared his dreams, aspirations, and goals with me- I always thought some were unrealistic & silly.⁣”


“He asked me for Kim’s address so he could send her a letter & I rolled my eyes & never sent it. Eventually my mom sent it to him so he would stop harassing us.”

Much to their surprise, Kim responded – and the rest is history.

Azaria continued: “Fast forward to yesterday. Kim flew in to CLT with her doctor to have lunch with us & start the procedure of removing my brothers face tattoos.”

“Never in a million years did I think Kim would write him back (or even read his letter), fly in right after the met gala (not to mention her 4th baby is due at any minute), invest in our family & laugh / relate to us over the smallest things.”


“I’m so proud of my brother for taking steps in the right direction. Our relationship hasn’t been the easiest. I pushed him away for years out of hurt for his absence, but yesterday was all the feels. I felt like we were children again & that he wasn’t gone for the last 7 years. Such a special day that I will forever cherish.”

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Kim and her legal team have helped free 17 prisoners over the past three months.

They’ve been able to help free inmates through the First Step Act, a bill which aims to reduce mandatory minimum prison sentences and reintegrate inmates into society.

The bill was passed after Kim famously met with US President Donald Trump last May, to discuss pardoning 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence for a first-time nonviolent drug offence.


Kim’s meeting with Trump was successful, and Alice was released from prison just a few days later, after being granted clemency.

On top of all this, the mother-of-three is studying to become a lawyer, and is aiming to take the bar in 2022.