Kim Kardashian defends Kendall Jenner following dog bite incident

The reality star has her sisters back!


Kim Kardashian has defended Kendall Jenner, following an incident involving her dog.

On Monday, TMZ reported that the police were called on the 22-year-old model, after her Doberman Pinscher allegedly bit a little girl.

The outlet stated that Kendall was at the Beverly Glen Deli in Los Angeles on Sunday with boyfriend Ben Simmons when the incident occurred.

However, an eyewitness told E! News that Kendall’s dog didn’t actually bite the girl, but that he just scared her causing her to cry.

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The eyewitness also said that the dog made a growling sound as the girl approached and lunged toward her, but didn’t actually bite her.

The onlooker also added that when the little girl’s mother called 911, she said, “Kendall Jenner’s dog bit my daughter.”

After the news hit headlines, a Twitter user called out Kendall in a vicious tweet, writing, “Add this to the growing list of reasons why @KendallJenner is a disturbingly despicable, entitled, unsympathetic, sadistic, uncharitable and self-absorbed human being who doesn’t deserve to be idolized. (Yes, I went there.).”

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However, Kendall’s famous sister Kim came to her defence by replying, “Do u know Kendall? She’s the complete opposite &is the most generous, compassionate person I know!”

She continued, “Her being standoffish is anxiety that paralyses her which u take as rude! Only a despicable, entitled, unsympathetic, sadistic, uncharitable @self-absorbed human would write this tweet.”