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Kim Kardashian asks TikTok star to remove video of her daughter North West

A teenage rapper has revealed Kim Kardashian asked her to remove a video featuring her daughter North West.

TikTok star That Girl Lay Lay was invited on a play date with North last year, where they filmed some videos together.

On July 12, the 14-year-old uploaded a TikTok video featuring Kim’s eldest daughter, but the post has since been removed from the platform.


In a since-deleted Instagram post, the young rapper claimed: “@kimkardashian texted me to take down the new TikTok video with North in it…I don’t know why…”

“They invited ME to their house… this industry SUCKS!”

“I asked what did I do wrong and they didn’t answer me… so confused on what this industry is… just trying to make good positive music for the #nevergiveup.”

A member of Kim’s team, Tracey Romulus, commented on the post before it was deleted to explain what happened. 

Kim with her eldest daughter North

She wrote: “To be clear, it was me who reached out to Lay Lay’s dad, grown up to grown up. Kim never reached out to this child.”

“I’m sorry it was not explained to her in a way for her to understand (because I very clearly explained to the dad) but Lay Lay was invited over 1 YEAR ago for a private child’s play date – not to be filmed and for that footage to be used in a music video over 1 year later.”  

“The play date came about because North was a fan and loved to cover her songs. Kim invited Lay Lay over to their home knowing they wanted to film North – however North’s parents did allow for 1 TikTok to be posted after the play date ended and it was learned that they had filmed her for several of them.”

Tracey added: “North is an 8-year-old child who is not on social media and it is well within her parent’s rights to say how and when their daughter’s image can be used for promotional purposes just like it is well within Lay Lay’s parent’s right to say yes or no when it comes to their child’s image.”


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