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Khloe Kardashian receives backlash over her tribute to Naya Rivera

The Kardashian clan previously clashed with the Glee star


Khloe Kardashian has received backlash for posting a tribute to Naya Rivera, after her body was found in Lake Piru on Monday following a five-day search.

The reality star took to Twitter to pay tribute to the Glee actress, stating that she was “heartbroken” for her friends and family.

“Such a devastating and tragic passing,” she wrote, “I am so sorry/heartbroken for Nayas friends and family.”

“I will continue to pray for healing and strength during this horrific time. 2020 has been too heavy.”

Khloe’s tribute was faced with backlash, after Twitter users suggested she should have “stayed silent” – following a previous dispute between Naya and Khloe’s sister Kim.

Back in 2014, Naya commented on Kim Kardashian’s infamous naked photoshoot with Paper magazine, writing: “I normally don’t. But… you’re someone’s mother..”

Kardashian family friend Jonathan Cheban then responded to Naya’s comment by sharing her ex Big Sean’s song ‘I Don’t F*** With You’, before he accused her of “impersonating Kim”.

In a post shared on his blog The Dishh, Jonathan wrote: “After a year-long tour of impersonating Kim, she decided to come out of her shell and make a real statement about Kim’s Paper cover (which has to be one of the hottest, if not the hottest cover all year).”

Kim K & Jonathan | Instagram

“As expected, she’s getting some press when all else fails, use Kim. I’m personally disgusted that after badgering Kim all year and trying to hang out and do business together, she goes and tries to make a statement like this. Yes, Kim is a mother, BUT WHO CARES … have you ever heard of a MILF?!”

Jonathan added: “The world wants to see her all day like 1010 Wins. Paper is one of the artsiest [sp] magazines and has a legendary reputation for being creative and edgy. Who the f*** is Naya to throw in her meaningless comments??”

At the time, Khloe showed her support for Kim by retweeting Jonathan’s post.

Responding to Khloe’s tribute to Naya last night, one Twitter user wrote: “Probably should just stay silent on this one,” before sharing an article about Kim and Naya’s feud.

Other Twitter users rushed to Khloe’s defence, with one tweeting: “They could have had beef in the past and Khloe’s current feelings could still be 100% real.”

“It’s very normal to feel sad and to grieve a lost soul even when you don’t even know them. I’m sure it was just as sad and shocking to them as it was to the rest of us HUMANS.”

Another Twitter user said: “I have no idea why everyone is attacked your condolences. Having a cat fight doesn’t mean wishing someone dead are completely on two different planes. Having empathy is a basic Human (kind) reaction…. WTF people.” [sic]

Naya was declared missing last Wednesday, after her four-year-old son was found alone on a rented pontoon boat in the middle of Lake Piru in Southern California.

Five days later, the actress’ body was found floating in the lake on Monday morning.

Officials believe Naya and her son Josey were swimming in the lake when they got caught in a current.

During a press conference on Monday, the authorities said they believe Naya mustered up enough energy to get her son back on the boat, but sadly she couldn’t save herself.

Naya and Josey

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