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Kardashian family makeup artist Hrush Achemyan reveals cancer diagnosis

The 33-year-old beauty professional shared the news to social media on Monday

Instagram- Kim Kardashian and Hrush Achemyan

The Kardashian family’s makeup artist Hrush Achemyan has revealed she has been diagnosed with cancer.

The 33-year-old shared the news of her Stage 1 ovarian cancer diagnosis in a YouTube video uploaded on Monday, where she opened up about her “silent battle”.

The beauty technician posted a photo of her stomach to Instagram, writing: “It was extremely hard for me to share this journey with everyone…after 2 months of contemplating, I mustered up [the] courage to post the video.”


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In the 18-minute YouTube video, Hrush shut down rumours that she was pregnant, after fans began speculating when her cervix began to swell.

The makeup artist explained that during her annual gynecological pap smear, a mass was discovered in her left ovary.

After five biopsies, Hrush was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which she described as a “silent and deadly killer”.

The Armenian-American influencer admitted she was experiencing pain “like the worst period you had in your life” following a procedure.


Hrush opened up about her fears after being diagnosed: “I was in shock and couldn’t even say the word cancer out loud.”

After sharing the news, the MUA admitted she felt a sense of relief, explaining: “I’m crying because I’m happy.

“I never knew I could be this person that could even express this much emotionally with you all. Especially because I’ve been brought up to be very private.”

The social media presence added: “We have to check in a month if the mass grows back but for now I am ok.”