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Julia Fox says she dated Kanye West to ‘get him off Kim Kardashian’s case’: ‘I was delusional’

Julia Fox has opened up about her whirlwind romance with Kanye West.

The Uncut Gems star briefly dated the rapper earlier this year, after meeting him at a New Year’s Eve party in Miami.

In a now-viral TikTok video, the 32-year-old said she dated Ye to “get him off” his ex Kim Kardashian’s case.


In response to a comment slamming her for dating a “violent misogynist and antisemite,” Julia said: “I was just going to write about it in my book, and have y’all buy it, but I’ll just tell you guys for free. The man was being normal around me.”

“Not only that but the Kardashians—when I had a fashion line 10 years ago they actually bought our clothes and sold them in their stores—so I’ve always had a love for Kim especially and even Kourtney especially and like all of them pretty much.”

“But, no, like the big three: Khloé, Kim, Kourtney. Those are my girls. Anyway, so by the time me and him got together, it was like, he hadn’t been doing anything, you know, like out there yet,” she explained – seemingly referring to his social media rants.

“He, the only thing he had done was change the name in the song and said like, ‘Come back to me, Kimberly.’ That was like really the only thing when we met.”

Julia continued: But I remember just being like, ugh, he was texting me, I wasn’t really answering. I was like I don’t really want to talk [to] this celebrity again. You know what I mean? Nothing ever comes of it. They’re kind of boring. They’re not what you think they’re going to be like.”

“But he kept going and going and he was like, ‘you have bad text etiquette,’ and I was like, ‘oh my god, Kanye’s yelling at me. What do I do?’”

“But then I had this thought: I was like, ‘oh my god, maybe I can get him off of Kim’s case. Maybe I can distract him, just get him to like me and I knew if anyone can do it, it’s me.’ Because when I set my mind to something, I do it.’

“And I will say that that month that we spent together, he wasn’t on Twitter, first of all. He wasn’t on any form of social media. He didn’t even talk about his relationship. We only really talked about clothes and weird ideas and plans for the future and our hopes and dreams for childhood and education. And it was really beautiful, guys.”

Julia went on to say that she ended things with Kanye when he started posting on social media about his ex Kim and her family.

She said: “The moment he started tweeting, I was out. And that’s the thing, it’s like, the media reported on our relationship ending a week after it happened or something. So during that week, I think you guys thought that we were together, but we weren’t.”

“I’d already been like, ‘Dude, I’m not going to stick around for this shit.’ And also, I realised pretty quickly that he wasn’t gonna take my help. I was like, ‘I want to help him. I want to help him.’”

“I sounded almost as dumb as you guys, saying that I should’ve done something to stop him from saying—like, what? But anyway, I was delusional. I thought I could help him.”

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February last year

The actress added: Anyway it didn’t work and now we’re here. But that being said, [I] really, deeply respect the man as an artist. I don’t want to sh** on that.”

“I don’t want to reduce his whole career to his really bad moments, you know? But that being said, I stand with the Jewish community. Period.”

Last month, Kanye faced major backlash for posting an anti-Semitic message on Twitter.

He was temporarily banned from the app as a result, but made his comeback earlier this week.


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