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Jordyn Woods speaks out about being ‘cancelled’ over Tristan Thompson scandal

Jordyn Woods has spoken out about being “cancelled” over a major scandal involving Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

In February 2019, the model was publicly slammed by the KUWTK star on social media, after Jordyn was accused of kissing Khloe’s beau Tristan at a house party.

During the latest episode of MTV Cribs, the 23-year-old addressed the drama as she opened a package of T-shirts, which were printed with the words: “Oh s*** I’ve been canceled” and “Please don’t cancel me.”

After seeing the T-shirts, Jordyn said: “They tried it already, I’ve already been in that position.”

“I truly believe the only person who can cancel you is God and God isn’t going to cancel you,” she added, before her mother Elizabeth said, “And that’s the truth.”

Khloe famously dumped Tristan, who she shares a daughter with, in 2019 after he was accused of kissing Jordyn behind her back.

However, the pair rekindled their romance last year after growing close during quarantine.

But in June, the couple split once again after the NBA player was allegedly seen getting close to three women at a house party.


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