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Jordyn Woods ADMITS to kissing Tristan Thompson in Red Table Talk – read EVERYTHING she said

The reality star has finally broken her silence

Jordyn on Red Table Talk
  • Jordyn broke down how she ended up with Tristan that night
  • Says she never gave Tristan a “lap dance”
  • Admitted she had her legs “over” Tristan’s legs at the party
  • Claims Tristan kissed HER as she went to leave his house
  • Said she has been receiving death threats since the story broke

Jordyn Woods has finally opened up about what REALLY happened at that ill-fated house party with Tristan Thompson.

In an intimate interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith on Red Table Talk, Jordyn broke down multiple times as she denied she ever “made out” with Khloe Kardashian’s partner.

Speaking to Jada Jordyn explained how she was out two nights partying straight when she and a group of her friends ended up at a club with Tristan.

“I was minding my business dancing, drinking, Tristan was there doing his own thing, that was it,” she said.

“It ends early we all go to a house after, we don’t think about who’s house…we’re all having fun, we’re all in the moment,” she continued.

“The girls I’m with said we’re all going to a house, it’s Tristan’s I said ‘cool, that’s okay’, feels like a safe envirnomnet I’d rather it be his house than strangers.”

Jordyn claimed that Tristan never “invited” her personally to the house, and insisted she never asked anyone to put their phone away when she arrived.

“Not once was I aware of anyone’s phone or told them, I don’t have anything to hide. When it comes to the phones being taken away I had no clue. All I know is I had my own.”

Jordyn went on to say she spent the night “dancing, we’re all drinking, I’m not thinking I shouldn’t be here. And that’s my first step where I went wrong.”

Splitsville: Khloe and Tristan

Speaking about how irresponsible it was to be partying with Khloe’s baby daddy in the first place, Jordyn said.

“How I would feel if someone close to me was hanging out in my ex’s house or the father of my child, I wasn’t thinking that.

“I should have gone home after that party, I shouldn’t even had been there.”

Jordyn, 21, also cleared up rumours that she gave Tristan a “lap dance”.

“Never once was I giving him a lapdance, making out with him, sitting all over him, we’re all together we’re in a group.

“Never once did we leave, we were in a public area we never went to a bedroom or go to a bathroom. It was all in plain sight.”

“But I can see why people would say ‘they were getting cosy’. I didn’t have my arms around him but my legs were laying over his,” she admitted.

“I shouldn’t be doing it. Because there is so much history involved, I wasn’t thinking right,” she admitted.

Slamming reports that she was “blackout drunk” at the party, Jordyn said:

“I was drunk, but I was not beyond the point of recollection.”


She then dropped the bombshell…Tristan kissed her as she went to leave the party.

“On the way out he did kiss me… it’s no passion, no nothing on the way out, he just kissed me. It was a kiss on the lips, no tongue kiss, no making out.

“I don’t think he’s wrong either because I allowed myself to be in that position, when alochol is involved people make dumb moves or people get caught up in the moment,” she explained.

“I didn’t know how to feel, I was like that didn’t just happen I was leaving already so I walked out immediately after and I got in the car and I was like ‘no, that didn’t happen’.

I was in shock. Let me just pretend that that didn’t happen. maybe I should just ‘take my shot’.

Jordyn then revealed she told Khloe and Kylie straight away that she had been at his house but lied about what happened.

“I talked to Khloe and she asked me what was going on if everything was fine. ‘no, he was chill, everything was okay, there was girls there but he wasn’t all over the girls.

“I was honest about being there but wasn’t honest about the actions that had taken place.

“I knew how much turmoil was going on let me not throw more fuel on the fire. I know I was trying to protect Khloe’s heart, she doesn’t deseerve this either.”

Speaking about the worldwide hate she has been getting since the scandal broke, Jordyn said: “The last thing I wanted to do is to be that person, I’m no homewrecker, I would never try to hurts someone’s home, espeically someone that I love.

“I would never try to steal someone’s man, I don’t need your situation. I really just hurt so many more people by not telling the truth.

“I know I’m not the reason that Tristan and Khloe are not together. Now this situation may have made it harder for her to want to be with him and I understand that.”


Jada then asked Jordyn out straight if she slept with Tristan “Never. Never a thought, never a consideration, never happened, never will I.”

“Attach me to a lie detector whatever it is. I need people to know the truth and more importantly, I need the people involved to know the truth.

“There’s been no communication with tristan, no relationship over time…there’s been no relationship, no communication, no plans on meeting up, no conversation…nothing.”

“I’ve been around them more than a decade I’m here to protect them, not to hurt anyone, if that was the case, I wouldn’t have been friends with these people for so long.”

The Instagram star then revealed she is worried for her family’s “safety”, saying that her siblings can’t even leave the house.

Jordyn Woods with Kylie Jenner | Instagram

“The first few days of this were definitely the hardest, I couldn’t eat, or look at my phone even.

“People have been wishing death upon me or telling me ‘your father deserved to die’

“We can’t leave the house, my brother can’t go to work, my sister can’t go to school, she’s 12-years-old, my mom can’t go to the grocery store.

“I’m not here to play the victim, I’m here to take full responsibility

“If I had told the truth from the beginning, ‘I was there, I was drunk, this happened’, then I wouldn’t be in this position.”

Finally, Jordyn admitted she has spoken to Khloe and that she told Kylie she was doing the interview.

“I have spoken a little bit with her. I let her know I’m willing to do whatever it takes for her piece of mind, not for my image.

“Not for my career, because that’s already something in itself, this is now for your piece of mind so you know that there was no malicious intent.”

She said that she has tried her best to apologise to Khloe: “as much as I can do over phone, over text” but that she has yet to see her in person.