Home LA Showbiz Johnny McDaid responds to rumours that he’s already married Courteney Cox

Johnny McDaid responds to rumours that he’s already married Courteney Cox

The musician thinks the public's obsession with their romance is "bizarre"


Johnny McDaid has confirmed that he has NOT married his fiancée Courteney Cox.

The Snow Patrol star announced his engagement to the former Friends star in 2014, but the pair are yet to tie the knot.

Since getting engaged, the pair have been plagued by rumours surrounding their actual wedding date, and most recently it was believed that they were set to wed in Derry back in June.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, “I think people are curious. I’m often approached from a perspective of people thinking they know something when they don’t.”


“But often it’s just funny. I think I’ve gotten married 15 times in the last year. There is a missing part of that equation, I’m on tour at the moment and Courteney is in LA.

“So it would be really difficult for me to get married unless I do it by proxy or over Skype or something,” he said.

“It is a bit bizarre but it comes with the territory. I expect the curiosity but I also respect my relationship and my love.”


The couple, who were introduced by mutual pal Ed Sheeran in 2013, split one year after their engagement – but later rekindled their romance.


Johnny continued: “If you’ve ever been in love you know that love, it doesn’t change when it is analysed or if it’s public, it’s still love, and it has what all relationships have – challenges and joys.”