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John Krasinski pushes for another series of ‘The Office’

The programme is no longer available on Netflix

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John Krasinski has revealed that he wants The Office US to have a reunion.

The actor, who plays Jim Halpert, recently said that he would definitely take part in a reunion if the opportunity presented itself.

Speaking to Variety the actor explained that he is interested in what his character is up to, “People have asked if I’d do a sort of reunion type thing and yes, for exactly that reason.”

“I need the incredible writers of that show to tell me what he’s doing because I’m kind of worried about him.”

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“He had a lot of hopes and dreams and all these different things, he had a bunch of zany ideas and then he went to Austin and the dreams are still in his head, so let’s see what he’s doing now,” the actor reminisced about his character.

The Office US ended in 2013 after running for eight years.