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Does Jay-Z’s lovechild play a MAJOR role in the closing concert of ‘On The Run 2’ ?

We've been busy joining Jay-Z's dots!

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé made us get our bank cards at the ready when it leaked that they’ve been recording new music together which they will tour this summer.

We’ve unveiled a mysterious connection between the tour locations so far released and a potential half-child to Beynoncé’s Blue Ivy, Sir and Rumi.

LIVE music blog shared a snap of events posted on Facebook which they claim are the first dates for the power couple’s On The Run 2 tour.

While the On The Run wikipedia page has been amended to say that the tour finishes on July 30th 2018.

Credit: Wikipedia

This seems to make the finale of the tour in Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field on July 30th very significant.

We dredged through the Goss archives and had a light bulb moment as to why the couple might be wrapping up the On The Run tour in Philly.

Stay with us…

So, before Jay-Z’s debut album Reasonable Doubt came out in 1993 he was romantically involved with Wanda Satterthwaite. According to The Inquirer she went to Lincoln High School. Old pictures, obtained by Trace, show the pair embracing. These emerged in 2015 and fit the time frame for all of the following to add up.

Wanda gave birth to Rymir in 1993 and it is claimed that Jay-Z is his dad!

Lillie, Rymir’s gradmother, brought a civil suit (ongoing) against Jay-Z. This came after Wanda had filed a paternity suit against him in 2010 and his lawyers blocked all of the tests. Jay-Z still refuses to take a paternity test.


Rymir is a rapper himself and claims it’s ‘in my blood’ in one of his YouTube videos.

Rymir video trailer see Youtube.com for full version.

A post shared by Official Rymir Satterthwaite (@rymir_is_here) on

Radar Online reported that Rymir’s mother was on his death bed in 2016 following years of declining health. As a result Lillie became Rymir’s legal guardian and continued his ongoing legal battle, which has progressed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court!

Radar Online were told of the seriousness of Wanda’s circumstances shortly after her 40th birthday.


“She was placed in a medicated coma due to heart failure and complications with her lungs”. She has released videos slamming Jay-Z and swearing that he is Rymir’s father should her health fail her before she sees justice.

The Family Civil Liberties Union slammed Jay-Z and Beyoncé in 2017 for their treatment of Jay-Z’s alleged son, and the suffering and expense the legal battle is costing the Satterthwaite family.

“We at FCLU are baffled by how the two of them can carry out their lives while neglecting his alleged son,” a spokeperson told Radar Online.

“They are supposed to be role models in our community.”

Rymir set up a Fundly page to afford legal expenses and college tuition. He was aiming for $65,000 in donations but reached $8,373.


The case is set to go to trial in December 2018.

Is this Jay-Z’s son?

Does Jay-Z now feel remorse?

Will he settle the decade long legal battle before it goes to trial?

Will they collab to close the On The Run tour to make up for his years of absence?

Will Wanda live to see justice for her son?

Will Jay-Z no longer be On The Run from his responsibilites after the tour?

Time will tell!

In the meantime you can check out his music here and see if he’ll follow in his (alleged) father’s footsteps.


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