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Jamie Lynn Spears responds to Britney’s cease-and-desist letter

Jamie Lynn Spears has responded to a cease-and-desist letter she received from her sister Britney’s legal team.

Earlier this week, the pop singer’s lawyer sent a letter to the former Zoey 101 star, threatening to take legal action if she doesn’t stop discussing Britney’s life in interviews. 

The 30-year-old is currently on a promotional tour for her new memoir ‘Things I Should Have Said’, which makes some shocking claims about her older sister.

Credit: Courtesy Hachette Book Group

In response to the cease-and-desist letter, Jamie Lynn’s lawyer Bryan Freedman slammed Britney for sharing “vile” statements about her younger sister on social media.

Over the past few days, the 40-year-old has hit out at Jamie Lynn in several lengthy posts on Instagram and Twitter.

According to TMZ, Mr Freedman wrote: “As an initial matter, in your Letter you state that Britney is going to take the ‘high road.’ However, just today your client posted vile statements on social media concerning Jamie Lynn.”

“These include, but are not limited to, statements such as Britney should have ‘slapped you and mamma right across your f***ing faces!!!’ and ‘Whipped your ass,’ and ‘popped the s*** out of your ass.'”

“As you know from previous social media posts, Jamie Lynn has had her children violently threatened, and we have no doubt that these new intimidating and threatening social media posts will lead to similar threats of violence.”

“To be clear, social media posts that include cyber bullying which cause death threats to Jamie Lynn and her family, is neither the ‘high road,’ nor anything that will be tolerated.”

“It was also disappointing to see your Letter plastered all over the media, as it would have
certainly benefited all of the people involved and their respective children, if there was a private forum to try and redress any grievances,” he continued.

“Your Letter claims that Jamie Lynn’s Book is potentially unlawful, defamatory, misleading and has outrageous claims in it, yet you admit that neither you nor your client have actually read any portion of the Book.”

“Frankly, it is impossible to understand what you are requesting my client to cease and desist from doing since the Letter fails to specify any legal wrongdoing whatsoever.”

“Your claim that Jamie Lynn has no right to tell her story is not only insensitive but not supported by the law. Jamie Lynn is a member of the Spears family. Your Letter ignores a critical fact: Jamie Lynn has suffered through her own experiences, and her own trauma,” Freedman wrote.

“Had you taken the time to read the Book prior to sending your Letter, you would know that the Book is not about Britney, but instead about Jamie Lynn’s own experiences growing up in the same family and describing what life for her was like as part of that family.”

“In fact, even where Britney is referenced in the Book, she is described as a kind, supportive, and a protective sister, whom Jamie Lynn looked to as a second mother.”

“As you and your client are well aware, Jamie Lynn grew up in a family where she was constantly silenced and never allowed to have a voice.”

“To send a Letter attempting to constrain her right and ability to speak the truth, only retraumatizes the very core wound that she has suffered from her entire life.”

“As you are further aware, Jamie Lynn has wanted nothing more than to help her sister in any way that she can, and to offer her the same love and support her sister gave to her when she was young.”

“Again, had you read the Book, you would have noticed the uncanny similarities shared between the two sisters and their experiences.”

Freedman’s letter concluded: “Jamie Lynn hopes that there will no further postings or inflammatory letters being sent to the media.”

“Beyond telling the truth, and denying the allegations against her, as a mother, Jamie Lynn needs to protect her children and cannot continue to be subjected to death threats, and other postings insinuating physical violence against her and her family.”

“Jamie Lynn supports Britney and as always, she hopes she can get the healing, peace, and freedom she rightfully deserves.”


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