James Franco DID attend the SAG Awards – but skipped the red carpet

The actor is facing claims of sexual misconduct

Brian To/

James Franco did attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, but tactically skipped the red carpet.

James’ appearance may come as a shock as five women have recently made allegations of sexual misconduct against the actor, all of which he has denied.

According to The Sun, the Disaster Artist star skipped the red carpet at the event, but was spotted at a table in the crowd on the night.

On the same night, James’ sister-in-law Alison Brie addressed the claims made against him during an interview with E! News on the red carpet.

She said, “I think that above all, what we’ve always said is that it remains vital that anyone who feels victimised should and you know, does have the right to speak out and come forward.

“I obviously support my family, and not everything that’s come forward is fully accurate, so I think we’re waiting to get all the information.

“But of course now is the time for listening and that’s what we’re all trying to do,” she added.

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