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Jack Gilinsky apologises for verbally abusing Madison Beer in leaked audio

Jack Gilinsky was heard verbally abusing Madison Beer in audio that leaked online over the weekend.

And now the social media star has apologised for his “terrible and unforgivable” words in a lengthy statement on Twitter.

“There’s no justifying the words that came out of my mouth in that audio file,” he wrote. “In no way do I stand behind who I was in that part of my life. But people change & learn from their mistakes.

Sorry: Jack Gilinsky has apologised for verbally abusing ex-girlfriend Madison Beer | Adriana M. Barraza/

“The clip you’ve all heard is from last year. I was in a very dark place, & clearly had no control over my emotions. It’s painful for me because most people think that this clip is current & is an accurate representation of where Madison & I stand today, when that is far from the truth.

“Like any couple, Mad & I have had our fair share of ups & downs … Madison knew if she didn’t help me overcome my ways and change, no one would, & I would never learn from my mistakes. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for believing in me the way she did during that time.”

Jack confirmed that he and Madison are no longer a couple. “Even tho we aren’t together now, she is someone that I will love forever & care about regardless of where we are in our individual lives,” he wrote.

He added: “In no way do I expect to be forgiven or felt bad for. I’m at fault for all of my actions & I know better than to treat a woman, or anyone for that matter, the way I did then. I am truly sorry to all of my fans or anyone who used to gain inspiration from me.

“That is not the person I am today and I do not want ANYONE to think it’s ok to act the way I acted in that clip. It’s unfortunate because I’ve worked so hard to learn and grow from where I was at that point in my life and now I’m forced to remember that dark time in the most public way possible.”

In the shocking audio file, Jack could be heard repeatedly calling Madison a “f***ing slut”, “little slut” and “bitch”.

While the singer has not commented on the incident, her fans got #JackGilinskyIsOverParty trending on Twitter over the weekend.

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