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iHeartRadio Awards ‘do an oscars’ – and give an award to Zayn instead of Fifth Harmony


An Oscars-style mix-up apparently occurred at the iHeartRadio Awards on Sunday night.

It was initially announced that Zayn Malik had won the Best Music video prize for Pillowtalk, and he and Gigi accepted the award via cute video.

However, iHeartRadio announced the following today that Fifth Harmony and Ty Dolla $ign’s Work From Home video had actually won the award, which was voted for by fans.

Mistake: Fifth Harmony won Best Music Video – not Zayn | YOUTUBE

Instead of admitting any kind of mistake, iHeart Radio then declared that Zayn had won a previously unannounced award called Best Solo Breakout.

Fans believe that this is seemingly a bid to justify the acceptance video he made.

The mix-up has enraged Zayn fans, who tried to get the #IHeartWasRigged hashtag trending on Twitter. However, Zayn himself has yet to respond to the mistake.