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Ice Cube responds to claim that Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track is better than his ‘No Vaseline’ hit

Ice Cube has responded to a fan’s claim that Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track towards Eminem is better than his ‘No Vaseline’ hit against N.W.A.

The rapper released the track in 1991 after he left the iconic rap group following royalty issues.

The 49-year-old hit out at his former bandmates in the hit song and has now responded to a fan’s claim that MGK’s diss track to Eminem is better than the famous takedown.

MGK and Eminem’s feud began after the rapper commented about the 45-year-old’s daughter, Hailie, and tweeted: “Ok so I just saw a picture of Eminem’s daughter… and I have to say, she’s hot as f**k, in the most respectful way possible [because Eminem] is king.”

Eminem recently threw shade at the 28-year-old in his surprise album and said: “And I’m talking to you, but you already know who the f–k you are, Kelly/I don’t use sublims and sure as f–k don’t sneak-diss/But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie.”

MGK released a diss track called ‘Rap Devil’ earlier this week, where he slagged Eminem’s appearance and music.

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A fan of MGK said that ‘Rap Devil’ was better than Ice Cube’s ‘No Vaseline’ and the rapper hit back at the claim saying: “Yeah right, one on one will never beat one against four (plus Jerry Heller). Murdered the track, killed the group. Game over.”

Neither MGK or Eminem has responded to Ice Cube’s tweet.



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