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Happy Kim Day: Kim K’s greatest achievements in her 39 years


Kim Kardashian West officially turns 39 today, and we’re marking the occasion by highlighting some of her greatest achievements.

The star has launched many business, raised awareness for hundreds of causes and spoken candidly about being a woman in the spotlight.

Here are some of Kim’s greatest achievements in her 39 years:


Eschewing her reality TV empire to study law

Kim is putting her reality TV commitments to the side and studying a law degree.

The star is determined to follow in her father’s Robert’s footsteps to become a lawyer.

Standing up for wrongfully incarcerated inmates 

Kim has been putting her new found legal knowledge to good use.

The star is responsible for the freedom of a number of inmates, who were serving unjustly long sentences.


Raising awareness of fertility issues 

Kim was open about her issues when it came to carrying her children.

Kim suffers from a potentially life-threatening condition called placenta accreta, which meant she was unable to safely have another pregnancy. Kim turned to surrogacy to have her last two children, Chicago and Psalm.

Making contouring a mainstream makeup trick

Contouring was once the secret weapon of performers and aestheticians before Kim Kardashian came along.

The idea of literally sculpting your face with bronzer and highlighter seemed extreme at first, but now it’s part of almost everyone’s beauty regimen.

Overcoming a lifetime of slut-shaming

Kim has had to face a torrent of abuse throughout her career after she created a sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J.

Kim has consistently empowered herself and others through her sexuality, sharing risque images despite the backlash and displaying a refusal to be shamed for her love of her body.

Balancing fame and motherhood

Motherhood is tough enough without the consistent scrutiny of fame.

Kim has been criticized for her parenting choices countless times, but defends her methods in the face of mass adversity.


Launching a super successful beauty business

The world has always wanted to know how Kim does her makeup – after she shared her contouring trick of course.

The makeup mogul joined sister Kylie in the beauty business in 2017 by launching KKW Beauty, bringing her makeup look to the masses through carefully developed products.

Raising global awareness for the Armenian genocide

Kim is passionate about her Armenian heritage, and consistently marks the anniversary of the Armenian genocide – an atrocity which many would have been unaware of without Kim raising awareness.

Kim even wrote a Times op-ed criticizing Barack Obama for his failure to acknowledge the atrocity. 


She consistently gives to charities 

Kim is an avid supporter of charities and relief funds, donating millions over the years along with her family to various causes.

She donated half a million dollars to help relive those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, which devastated the Gulf Coast of Texas in 2017.

She is a mental health advocate 

Kim has spoken candidly about supporting her husband Kanye West’s issues with bipolar disorder.

The star shone a light on what it is like to care for and support someone going through tough times mentally, giving strength to many who are in the same situation.

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