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Gigi Hadid praises Taylor Swift for ‘being able to own what she’s been through’

The celebs have been close friends for years


Gigi Hadid praised Taylor Swift for “being able to own what she’s been through.”

The celebs have been close friends for years and the model admitted that she has always been a fan of Taylor, even before they became pals.

“An amazing thing about my friendship with Taylor has been that she is a songwriter that I’ve connected to through my childhood into my adult life and us becoming friends has given me an insight into the mind that creates those lyrics,” Gigi told Variety.


The 23-year-old then praised her friend for writing songs about her experiences and admitted that she has been to many of Taylor’s concerts during her various tours.

“This last Reputation tour and 1989, I might have gone to 10 shows in each tour.”

“But it never gets old, because I think seeing the woman being able to own what she’s been through; stand up, write songs about it, be honest, put her heart out there and through that still be connect to people, that is amazing and it’s empowering.”

The model also got emotional as she opened up about struggling with fame: “Fame is something that I deal with and learn about every day. I’ve had my ups and downs with it for sure, because overall, it’s definitely a learning process. I’ve learned a lot about myself because of it.”

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“I’ve learned to be honest with myself and celebrate myself, protect myself, be assertive when I need to. I always want to be kind, but that doesn’t mean I need to let people take advantage of me.”

“I’ve learned my connection with the Earth, going to places where I can be myself and not worry about being photographed. Although in moments I’ve resented it, I think that overall, I wouldn’t be as developed within myself without it,” she added.

Gigi also said that fame makes her feel “out of control” of her own life at times: “I think it’s tough. Obviously, people judge you. People can create a headline or an opinion about someone based on a small moment or a mistake.”

“The more opportunity that I have to meet people and share my genuine self or sit with them or talk to them, that gives me so much empowerment, because I feel like I can control that moment. I don’t know if anything I just said made sense.”