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Gigi Hadid opens up about being shamed for not having a ‘runway body’

"People were hard on me..."


Gigi Hadid has revealed that early in her modelling career, she was criticised for not having a “runway body.”

The professional model was shamed for her athletic physique that she had built through playing sports.

Speaking to i-D Magazine, Gigi explained that she thought her figure would hold her back in the modelling industry – until designer Jean Paul Gaultier decided to give her a chance.


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“It was a body that I loved,” she told the magazine.

“I knew how hard I worked to have those muscles, to be curved in those places—I kind of miss it now.”

“At the time, people were hard on me and tried to say that I didn’t have a runway body.”

Speaking about Jean Paul Gaultier, Gigi said: “He was the first designer that let me walk on a runway in Paris, it was in his last ready-to-wear show,” she explained about the 2015 show, where she rocked a yellow bikini.

“For Jean Paul to have me at his last ready-to-wear show in 2015—not only to have me, but also to put me in an outfit that didn’t cover a lot… like, there were still stylists or designers at that time who were putting me in their shows, but putting me something that really covered my body.”

“So for him to make me feel like he wanted me to shine in that way, it really meant a lot to me as a young model.”