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Francesca Farago opens up about her split from Demi Sims in tell-all video

Francesca Farago has opened up about her split from Demi Sims in a tell-all video.

The Too Hot To Handle star started dating Demi in January, and the couple moved in together shortly afterwards.

The reality stars split last month following a whirlwind romance, with Francesca addressing the break-up in her new YouTube video.


“So I met Demi online. She DMed me on Instagram and we started talking over Christmas and basically fell in love, fell in lust, via phone,” the Canadian model explained.

“When I met her, I was super infactuated and super in love right off the bat. I was so happy to finally be dating a girl, I thought she was the sweetest and we got along really well.”

“Three days after we met, I asked her to be my girlfriend. A week later, we were saying ‘I love you’ and we got tattoos… We lived together right off the bat and everything was great, and then I got Covid. I got really sick, it kicked my ass.”

“I almost had to go to the hospital. I think that’s when things started to go south between Demi and I,” she admitted.

“We were only talking to each other for a few weeks online before we met and then we moved in together right away so we never had that dating period or ‘getting to know you period.'”

“We didn’t really talk about my past, it would upset her when anything about my past came up. So we never got to really know each other’s pasts. I feel like that’s very important when you’re getting into a relationship with someone, you really have to know everything about them and we didn’t really do that.”

Francesca admitted she was “really stressed and frustrated” before her move to the UK with Demi because she “didn’t feel like Demi was helping her”.

“I was like, I’m moving across the country for this person, I’m spending so much money… It was a lot of effort and work and I just didn’t feel like I was being helped out or it was being reciprocated.”

The 27-year-old said another reason “things went south” is because Demi “didn’t defend” her from the online hate she received after she was accused of spreading Covid by her Too Hot To Handle co-star Haley Cure.

“There was different things that we expected from the relationship, there’s different love languages and ours just didn’t match up and that’s perfectly fine.”

“After the break-up, she just blocked me and deleted me and told me to leave London… I didn’t think I deserved that because I didn’t do anything wrong, and she didn’t do anything wrong. We just kind of fizzled and there was no more spark.”

“I felt like after the break-up, I was getting hated online and she just didn’t defend me for that. After that, after I felt I had been kicked to the curb, I honestly had no regard to her feelings.”

“I was upset about how everything was handled after the break-up on her end. I felt like we could’ve remained friends and she just didn’t agree with that,” Francesca revealed.

“I felt like I spent all this time, all this money and I invested so much emotion… Just just feel like you’ve been blocked and deleted and you don’t even want to have any kind of relationship with me. I felt really hurt by that.”

Addressing the TikTok video she made about her ex Harry Jowsey, Francesca admitted she “thought it was funny” until Demi messaged her about it.

“I just wasn’t considering Demi’s feelings whatsoever in this situation because of how I felt I was treated post-breakup and that was 100% wrong of me… I was so angry at the situation so I was like ‘f*** it.'”

“I reached out to Demi and I apologised but at that point, it was already too late… I wish Demi all the best. I know she’s thriving and she just wasn’t the one for me.”

Watch the full video below:


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