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Fans go wild as Drake gives shoutout to Stormzy’s ex Maya Jama in new song

Twitter users have got into a frenzy after the release of Drake’s new song Only You Freestyle.

The rapper gave radio DJ Maya Jama a special shout out at the beginning of the new track – with fans calling on fellow rapper and Maya’s ex-boyfriend Stormzy to react.

“Chubbs might jam this yute for a chain and gave it to a sweet one, called that Maya Jama,” Drake raps in the new tune – which already has almost 1.5 million views on YouTube.

“Drake called Maya Jama a sweet one, I wonder how Stormzy’s doing at these hard times fr,” one Twitter user responded to the track.

Maya and Stormzy split back in August last year, after dating for four years – with Stormzy later confessing he had cheated on her in “one reckless night.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 1 Xtra, Stormzy said that he felt like he owed Maya a public apology following their break up.

He said: “It was a hot topic and I’m going on record now and I’m apologising. I’m trying to lay it all bare and be very truthful and be very clear in my truth.”


“I’m not trying to shy away from it. It was a public disrespect. It was a public disrespect that needed a public apology.”

He continued: “That girl gave me the world. I will wholeheartedly say that’s a phenomenal woman that loved man wholeheartedly and was man’s everything.”

“And I disrespected and was inconsiderate – a big disrespect. The least I can do is come out and say, come on. I will say it 100 per cent loud and clear that’s a brilliant woman – we shared something very deep and she loved me wholeheartedly. And man went out and disrespected.”

Watch Drake’s new music video:


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