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EXCLUSIVE: Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz admits she was ‘borderline afraid’ of Romain Bonnet during confrontation

Davina Potratz has admitted that she was “borderline afraid” of Romain Bonnet during their confrontation on Selling Sunset.

The real-estate agent spoke exclusively to, where she opened up about the fiery feud with her co-star.

The drama unfolded in front of the cameras of season 1, when Davina pointed out that Romain’s engagement ring for Mary Fitzgerald was made of moissanite – a rare mineral which is a less expensive diamond alternative.

“Everybody knows that I wasn’t trying to focus on whatever money Romaine had,” she shared exclusively, “But when you narrow it down to one or two lines and you add music, then you ask Mary and Romaine how they feel – things might get twisted.”

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“It’s not actually what happened – it’s a perspective, not the whole story,” she continued.

“I was genuinely just trying to talk with the guy. We were talking for like half an hour trying to understand why he was so mad at me, and I apologised to him as well – but you didn’t see that on the show.”

“A 30 minute conversation got cut down to 30 seconds, and no one saw the apology. He was getting very angry with me and honestly, I was borderline afraid when he was talking to me. He was so aggressive and it was unnecessary.”

Following their argument, Romain insisted that Davina could not attend his and Mary’s wedding day – which was a focal point in season 2.

Davina admitted that it was often difficult to maintain strong working relationships with her co-stars with the drama on the show: “We try our best to communicate things with each other but, of course, things get lost.”

“For example, the scene that Christine and Mary had together in season two when they were talking about me and Christine defends me…Mary called me a liar and said that I was in the middle of all the drama. I didn’t know she said all that and I was pretty offended by that.”

“Mary and I get along fine, we have no problems and I thought we were in a good place,” she confessed, “We’re not the closest, but we don’t have any issues so I was really hurt that she talked like that about me.”

“I’m definitely not a liar, everyone knows that so for her to say that… Things like that can be a little hurtful because you don’t expect someone to do that. That’s where things get a little blurry and confusing between the job and the show.”

“People always know where they stand with me,” she continued, “Like Christine and I spoke to Mary last week for about two hours and she was really nervous to talk to us – I think she thought we were going to rip her head off!”

“But we just wanted to talk to her – we’re normal people. Some people find it harder to articulate their feelings. It seems intimidating to them, they see it as confrontation when we’re just trying to talk.”

Davina added: “The show doesn’t define me or anyone in the group. I mean, Christine is not as extra as she is on the show all the time – she’s very nice and easygoing. She’s super sweet which you don’t get to see much of.”


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