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EXCLUSIVE: Davina Potratz reveals she was disappointed after being ‘reduced to very few scenes’ on Selling Sunset

Davina Potratz has revealed that she was disappointed after watching season one of the hit Netflix show Selling Sunset.

The Selling Sunset star spoke exclusively with, where she admitted that she felt she had been “reduced to very few scenes” on the popular real estate show. 

Davina also admitted that she has considered leaving the high-end luxury brokerage The Oppenheim Group, hinting at potentially joining Brett Oppenheim’s new brokerage.

“I was reduced to very few scenes in season one of the show – that was a little bit of a let down,” she said.

“I got into real estate in 2006 and I was fortunate enough to work with some big developers and sold to many high profile clients,” Davina shared, “I met Brett at a transaction while I was selling a project in Beverly Hills.”

“He had some very high profile clients that bought our most expensive condo. We became close friends and one day we went to lunch and he was like ‘You should join our brokerage and we have a Netflix show coming out’.”

“A lot of people say they have shows in this town and it doesn’t necessarily happen so I wasn’t too focused on that,” she admitted.

“The producers told me: ‘You’re so different from everyone else. You’re brunette and have this pure real estate background and you’re very direct’.”

“Here’s the thing: I’m very honest and very upfront. I’m also very sweet and nice, but American culture is usually keeping your opinions to yourself. So I think the producers thought it would be really interesting and fun to combine me with the rest of the cast.”


On leaving The Oppenheim Group, Davina admitted: “It’s definitely a consideration. I haven’t made any decisions and everything changes every day.”

“It’s a big project, but maybe. Brett is on his own now too so maybe it could be the battle of the brokerages!”

Hinting that she would consider joining Brett’s new firm, she added: “I’m really close to Brett, he’s my first and my first contact to the group. Jason is a little more serious about work ethic.”


Davina also opened up about the status of her whopping $75million listing, which she attempted to sell during the latest season of the hit Netflix show.

The real estate agent revealed that she was currently negotiating with a potential buyer, admitting the commission would be “life-changing”.

“Maya [Vander] does have someone who is seriously interested and we’re at the early stages of negotiating right now. We’ll see what her client wants to come in at and see if Adnan [the seller] would consider that.”


“We’re really excited and hopeful but who knows, deals are very tough to put together – especially at that price point,” adding: “Obviously it would be a life-changing commission for both of us.”

Speaking of her friendships with her co-stars, Davina said: “Christine [Quinn], Maya [Vander] and myself got really close”

“Myself and Maya are both really down to earth and grateful to be part of it and humbled because we’re just normal people. And then Christine and I became very close because we’re both so direct and funny – we love joking around!”

She added: “She’s just really genuine which I love about her – not that the others aren’t, but they’re not as outspoken obviously.”


Davina said that there was “without a doubt” favouritism shown in the brokerage to her co-star Mary Fitzgerald.

“Without a doubt there was favouritism with Mary. She gets really defensive about it,” she added.

“She works hard, of course she does – but all of us do. It doesn’t bother me anymore, there’s nothing I can do about it. Jason isn’t obligated to give anything to any of us but the favouritism is true.”


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