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Erika Jayne slams calls for her to be ‘fired’ from RHOBH during explosive reunion show

Erika Jayne slammed calls for her to be “fired” from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during the first part of the season 11 reunion.

The reality star has been caught up in a lot of legal drama since she filed for divorce from her husband Tom Girardi last November, after 21 years of marriage.

The 82-year-old attorney is currently facing numerous lawsuits, and Erika has been named in some of them. 

During part one of the RHOBH reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Erika to weigh in on suggestions she should be “fired” from the show for her alleged involvement in Tom’s embezzlement scandal.

The 50-year-old replied: “Why should I be fired? Why are you presuming that I’ve done something? Why aren’t we letting the legal process play out?”

“You’ve heard one side… and a lot of bulls*** on that side. Give me a chance to defend myself. Watch me. I’m ready for the challenge. Watch me do it.”

One month after she announced her shock split from Tom, the former couple were sued for allegedly using their divorce to embezzle money.

In December, Tom and his law firm Girardi & Keese (GK) were held in civil contempt over allegedly embezzling funds from several families who lost loved ones in a 2018 Boeing plane crash – and had their assets frozen by a judge.

The following month, Tom and his firm were “forced into” bankruptcy after creditors claimed they were owed millions.

Then in August of this year, the Pretty Mess singer was dragged into Tom’s bankruptcy case when a new lawsuit claimed she owes $25 million to her estranged husband’s law firm.

Credit: Bravo

During the reunion show, Erika also admitted her lawyers advised her to quit the show due to her ongoing legal woes – but the 50-year-old refused.

Erika explained: “I said no because I have nothing to hide. And they said, ‘Well, you know that this s*** can get flipped around on you.'”

“Everything can be parsed, twisted, turned and yes, possibly turned against you. Whether it is true or not, it almost doesn’t even matter at this point.”

The reality star confessed she contemplated leaving the show, but said: “I’m not a quitter and I wanted to honour my commitment.”

“I wasn’t going to run away from what’s coming at me,” she added.

Elsewhere in the episode, Erika addressed the problems in her marriage to Tom, leading Andy to ask why she didn’t leave sooner when she found out about his alleged affairs.

Erika claimed: “The cheating is a part of it. There is so much more there. I’ve said to Tom, ‘If you are in love with someone else, divorce me and go be with her.'”

When asked if Tom had a response, the 50-year-old insisted he said “nothing”.

The drama-filled episode then ended on a cliffhanger, with Andy asking Erika whether she “faithful” to Tom.

The season 11 reunion, which airs on Hayu in the UK & Ireland, will continue next week.


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