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Court hears about Johnny Depp’s alleged ‘violent and terrifying behaviour’ – as case comes to a close

Johnny Depp’s libel trial against The Sun has entered the closing stages, with the court today hearing about the actor’s alleged “violent and terrifying behaviour”.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is suing The Sun’s publisher News Group Newspapers over a 2018 article which labelled him a “wife beater”, a claim he has strenuously denied.

The actor’s ex-wife Amber Heard was called to take the witness stand during the trial by the publisher, in an attempt to prove that their claims were true and that Johnny was physically violent.

Lawyers for the news group told the court that there is a “wealth of evidence” to support their article, which paints a picture of the actor as “a hopeless addict who repeatedly lost his self-control and all ability to restrain his anger”.

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Sasha Wass QC, representing the publication, began her closing submissions by telling Mr Justice Nicol that evidence of Mr Depp’s “drug and alcohol-fuelled lifestyle provides a backdrop to the events in question”.

“Firstly, it demonstrates that the claimant was subject to irrational mood swings and abnormal behavioural patterns, which would not have been present when Mr Depp was clean and sober, and Mr Depp has a name for this metamorphosed entity, namely ‘The Monster’.”

“The other aspect which is important in terms of substance abuse is Mr Depp’s recollection of his own disgraceful conduct, which is so severely impaired by drug misuse that he may not even have been aware of the extent of his violence and terrifying behaviour which, on more than one of these pleaded incidents, put Ms Heard in fear of her life.”

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“The days are long past when the courts in this country required corroboration before accepting the unsupported testimony of a female complainant,” she continued.

“We submit… that the testimony of a complainant of domestic violence is sufficient to prove the case, provided that the complainant – Ms Heard in this case – gives credible and reliable evidence.”

Sasha Wass added that the “wealth of evidence”, including emails, text messages and medical records, further supports the allegations of domestic violence.

“This paints a picture of a hopeless addict who repeatedly lost his self control and all ability to restrain his anger,” she told the court.

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“Tears, apologies and the explanation Depp would regularly give to explain his violent outbursts. namely that he had an illness, and it was ‘The Monster’ who had attacked Heard and not him.”

“For the defence of truth to be substantiated, the defendants need to prove on a balance of probabilities that Mr Depp assaulted Ms Heard on at least one occasion.”

“During the last two weeks, the defendants have established that many more than one incident of wife-beating took place over the course of the relationship between the claimant (Mr Depp) and Amber Heard.”

NGN’s defence rests on 14 allegations of domestic violence, all of which Johnny Depp denied.

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