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Chrissy Teigen jokes about breaking up with Joe Biden – after he unfollows her on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen has joked about breaking up with US President Joe Biden, after he unfollowed her on Twitter.

The cookbook author pleaded with Biden to follow her on the social media platform, after she was blocked by former President Donald Trump back in 2017.

After his inauguration last month, Biden switched over to the official US government account for the President, and granted Chrissy’s request by following her. 


Reacting to the follow, the former model tweeted: “OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!”

“my heart oh my god lmao I can finally see the president’s tweets and they probably won’t be unhinged.”

“I should prob never tweet again,” she added.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Chrissy wrote: “I have tweeted a handful of times since my treasured @POTUS following.”

“In order for me to flourish as me, I must ask you to please lord unfollow me. I love you!!! It’s not you it’s me!!!!” she joked.

Along with the screenshot of her tweet, Chrissy then shared a screenshot to Instagram of Biden’s Twitter account, which is no longer following her.


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A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen)

She captioned the post: “a breakup story 😭 need some Ben and Jerry’s.”

Returning to Twitter, the 35-year-old then wrote: “b**** f*** s*** suck the d I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States in Washington D.C. on January 20, while Kamala Harris made history as the first female vice president of the US.


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