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Chrissy Teigen admits she was ‘terrified’ after she underwent major surgery without realising she was pregnant

The TV personality is expecting her third child with John Legend


Chrissy Teigen has revealed she was “terrified” when she found out she was pregnant, because she had just had her breast implants removed.

The 34-year-old and her husband John Legend announced they were expecting their third chid on Thursday.

After the news hit headlines, a Twitter user asked Chrissy if she was pregnant during her breast reduction surgery in June, and the former model replied: “Oh, it’s quite a story. lol.”

In a series of tweets, Chrissy explained: “I did the routine pregnancy test you do before surgery. It said negative. It was not negative.”

“A few weeks after surgery, I took a test. And for many years now, I’ve taken pregnancy tests almost every month, praying to see a positive one day. Just wishful thinking. I never had a positive before.”

“So the morning of John’s album release, he wakes up at 3am to do good morning america. I woke up with him and was like man, should take my monthly test to be disappointed,” she continued. “I was not disappointed.”

“But I was scared s**tless. Was pretty positive you shouldn’t get your boobs out while pregnant? Pretty sure.”

“So we prayed to the boob surgery gods that everything would be okay. Went to every appointment terrified. Even without the surgery, I didn’t think I could get pregnant naturally anyway. So the odds just felt…bad.”

Chrissy required IVF to get pregnant with their two children – Luna, 4, and Miles, 2.

She continued: “But what they say so often can be true. When you give up on trying, life has a way of surprising you. In summary, my boobs hurt.”

“Also, you guys have seen how rough these past few months were for me here. So now you know why I just extra appreciated all the love and support through it all, especially since you didn’t even know. You just thought I was in stressful internet hell.”

The mother-of-two is referring to recent online rumours that falsely connected her and John to the late Jeffrey Epstein. 

Chrissy then shared a tweet from an online troll that said “her brain and soul is sold to the devil”, and wrote: “So yeah, things like this have been incredibly hard to deal with lately, and now you might understand why.”

In another tweet, she said: “But man. I hope this gives anyone out there some hope. IVF was an amazing choice for us to be able to make.”

“So hard, but we got two beautiful monsters out of it. I promise you, I never ever ever ever ever thought I could.”

“And I’m still very worried. Part of me misses the safety of my perfect embryos, created in their little dish. They felt untouchable and safe. Now I feel a bit…eggshelly,” she added.