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These celebrities lost MILLIONS of FAKE Twitter followers overnight

Some of them lost millions of followers


Twitter purged fake followers this week in an attempt to improve conversations on the social media platform and some celebs lost millions of followers.

No one was exempt from the cull of fake accounts with the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey losing 200,000 followers.

The amount of accounts on the platform is expected to drop by as much as 6% by the end of the cleanse.


Katy Perry has the largest following on the social media platform and saw a whopping drop off of 3 million followers falling from 110 million to 107 million.

Justin Bieber saw his followign drop by 2.7 million leaving him with 104 million.

Kim Kardashian lost 1.7 million of her 60.2 million followers.

Ashton Kutcher lost over a million followers dropping from 19.1 million to a meagre 18 million followers.

Oprah Winfrey has been tweeting since 2009 and the purge cost her 1.4 million followers.

Approximately 2 million followers were deleted from Ellen DeGeneres’ count which now tots up to 76.1 million.

No one lost more than Twitter’s own account which went down over 7.7 million.

Political figures saw huge drops in their follower count too.

Controversial tweeter, Donald Trump, lost roughly 400,000 of his 53.4 million followers, while Barack Obama waved goodbye to more than 2 million accounts that followed him.

Us mere mortals are only expected to have lost approximately four followers each from the platform’s purge.