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Cardi B reveals aggressive message following her attack on Nicki Minaj at NYFW

Cardi B has revealed an aggressive message following her attack on Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week.

The rapper had to be escorted out of a Harper’s Bazaar party after she attacked her rival.

Nicki was reportedly sitting at a table with her entourage when the 25-year-old approached her in an aggressive manner.

Witnesses told TMZ that Cardi yelled: “”Let me tell you something” as she tried to attack Nicki.

Security reportedly stopped the mother-of-one just inches before she could get her hands on Nicki, but she managed to take off one of her shoes and throw it at the 35-year-old instead.

Cardi has since uploaded a lengthy message on Instagram which is apparently aimed towards her rival, although she does not mention Nicki by name.

The message refers to the ‘Super Bass’ singer liking comments on social media which stated that Cardi was unfit to be a mother.


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“I’ve let a lot of shit slide! I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, I let you attempt to stop my bags, f*** up the way I eat!” she wrote.

“You’ve threaten other artists in the industry, told them if they work with me you’ll stop f****** with them!!” she continued.

“But when you mention my child, you choose to like comments about me as a mother, make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter is when all bets are f****** off!!” Cardi stated, after she mentioned that she had tried to approach Nicki in person.

Nicki has yet to publicly respond to the rapper’s message, but the pair’s feud has reportedly been going on since 2017.


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