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Broadway theatre installs infrared camera system after Jesse Williams nude leak

The Broadway theatre where ‘Take Me Out’ is playing has now installed an infrared camera system after leak of Jesse Williams’ full-frontal performance.

The Grey’s Anatomy star went viral earlier this week after a fan secretly filmed him fully naked during a scene in the show.

The theatre has now vowed they are “adding additional staff” and have installed an infrared camera system to detect if someone is violating their no phone policy.

In a statement, the director of production for the theatre Peter Dean said: “This will allow us to focus on an audience member who looks like they’re doing something suspicious, and assess whether they’re just going through a purse to get a breath mint or pulling out a phone.”

In a statement earlier in the week, The Second Stage Theatre said they have “worked to ensure” the privacy of the show’s stars by “creating a phone-free space with locked phone cases at all performances.”

The statement continued: “We are appalled that this policy has been violated and unauthorized footage of our acting company has been posted.”

“It is deeply unfortunate that one audience member chose to disrespect the production, their fellow audience members, and, most importantly, the cast in this manner.”

The theatre also slammed the individual who took the unauthorized video of Jesse, calling the act a “gross and unacceptable violation of trust between the actor and audience” and saying that there could be “severe legal consequences.

The theatre has vowed to get all of the nude videos of Jesse taken down and they have hired additional staff to help enforce the no-phone policy at their shows.

Speaking about getting naked on stage on the Watch What Happens Live’s After Show, Jesse said: “Everyone makes such a big deal. It’s a body, once you see it, you realize it’s whatever, it’s a body. I just have to make it not that big of a deal.”

When host Andy Cohen asked if it helps that an actor can “feel good about their penis” when making the decision to be nude onstage, Jesse replied: “I would imagine so. I don’t, so I don’t know.”


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