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Britney Spears’ ex-husband raises eyebrows by attending #FreeBritney protest in LA

The singer's former flame is calling for an end to her conservatorship

Britney Spears’ ex-husband, Jason Alexander, has raised eyebrows by attending a #FreeBritney protest in LA.

The childhood sweethearts famously tied the knot in Las Vegas back in 2004, but their marriage was annulled 55 hours later.

Sixteen years after they got hitched, Jason joined protestors outside a courthouse in Los Angeles on Wednesday, while a private hearing was taking place about her conservatorship.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Jason said he came to “support” the #FreeBritney movement, and claimed he has been in touch with the singer recently.

“I wanna see Britney get what she rightly deserves, and from personal conversations, she doesn’t want to be under the conservatorship obviously and it’s affecting her life still to this day in a negative way,” he said. “And it’s time for it to be over.”

“It’s affected me and her, and that makes me part of it. I’ve been quiet for 10 years, and I feel [like] what a good time to come forward now with the movement making noise and the conservatorship hearings going on.”

Jason continued: “We stay in contact pretty regularly in the last few months. Last night via text message [was] probably the last time.”

“She is hopeful, but she’s been going through this for a while, so I don’t know if she feels like there might be some changes made, but we’ll see what happens.”

“I don’t personally have any high hopes for the conservatorship to be over with, obviously, but maybe they’ll get rid of Jamie and replace him with somebody and maybe they’ll give her some more freedoms to [do] daily activities and things. I don’t know. It’s kind of interesting to see how controlled the situation is.”


When asked why he decided to attend the protest, Jason said: “[I wanted] somebody connected to her to be here cause nobody else is doing it.”

He then shaded Britney’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, by saying, “You know, where’s Sam at? I don’t see anybody. I feel like [somebody] should be standing up for her doing it.”

“I don’t know him. He looks like he’s in good shape, but I’m good shape too, so bravos to him,” he said. “He’s a lot younger than me. He’s been given a great opportunity to be involved with Britney and she’s got some type of feelings for him, I guess.”

Britney and her boyfriend Sam Asghari

The 38-year-old also said he’d be open to rekindling his romance with Britney in the future, and said he’s “still got love for her”.

He said: “Oh, yeah, definitely. If they would give us an honest chance, you know? And she really wanted that. I’d give it a shot.”

“I’ve got love for her, definitely. But, you know, I’ve had to move on, so it’s kind of like one of those things. It’s not gonna be the end of the world if it don’t happen, but I feel like I’m showing my support.”


He continued: “I’d love to be back in her life some way or another, but this conservatorship is holding that back from happening. We never were given a shot the first time around. If there’s feeling still there, maybe we see where they go but that’s not — you know that’s on her.”


Before Wednesday’s hearing, Britney asked the court to block her father Jamie from regaining control over her life.

In documents filed by her court-appointed lawyer, the 38-year-old asked that her father is not reappointed as her conservator.


Jamie Spears temporarily stepped down as his daughter’s conservator last year due to health issues, but he was due to resume the role this year.

According to NBC News, the document states: “Britney is strongly opposed to James return as conservator of her person.”

Britney and her father | Instagram

Britney was placed under a conservatorship after she suffered an alleged breakdown back in 2008.


A conservatorship is granted to those who are incapable of making decisions, such as people with mental disabilities.

The arrangement put her estate, financial assets, and some personal assets under the control of her father Jamie Spears, and lawyer Andrew Wallet – who resigned from the role early last year.

Jamie served as her conservator for over ten years before he stepped down in September 2019, and was replaced by Britney’s longtime care manager Jodi Montgomery.


According to court documents, Britney wants Jodi to take on the role permanently, but said that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop seeking an end to the arrangement altogether.

The singer’s conservatorship has been under review since last year, after she accused her father of forcing her to enter a mental health facility.

Last May, Britney appeared in court alongside her parents to speak to a judge who oversees her conservatorship.

Britney’s father Jamie had been in charge of his daughter’s assets since the conservatorship was established, however the agreement doesn’t give him the power to put her into a facility without her consent.

At the time, Britney demanded more freedom, and told a judge that her father made her check into a Los Angeles unit for 30 days on April 3, after she stopped taking her doctor-prescribed medication.

After hearing Britney speak in court, the judge ordered an 730 expert evaluation, a process usually used to determine the mental health and competence of a parent in a divorce case.

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