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Blake Lively returned to Instagram and refollowed husband Ryan Reynolds

We can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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Blake Lively has returned to Instagram and followed Ryan Reynolds again setting right all that was wrong in the world!

The couple gave fans a fright last week when Blake’s Instagram went blank and she unfollowed everyone, her husband included, except 27 people called Emily Nelson.

The publicity stunt was for her upcoming movie, A Simple Favour.

Serena Van Der Woodsen wouldn’t even do something that dramatic but the actress who played her has reuploaded her photos now much to fans delight.

The former Gossip Girl star said, “Reuploading my page and loving this excuse to post this ???? outfit from last month that I forgot to post the next day. Because after a couple days it’s strange to post, like you’re hung up on how awesome you were 2 days ago. Which highlights how lame you are now by comparison to how cool you were when you wore that amazing outfit.”

“So you wait a week or so for a #tbt. But then you realize it’s way too soon for a #tbt, what were you thinking??! You should’ve just posted the next day! ????! What are you gonna do now?!? You can’t let that outfit go unposted!”

“And then you realize something even more important— you’ve lost your cool entirely. Thanks social media. You’ve officially taken my chill.”

We can totally relate to her struggle!

???? … (SOUND UP!!!????????????????????)

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